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While having braces isn’t necessarily painful, there can be some discomfort experienced when getting your braces placed on your teeth as well as after your adjustment appointments. Rest assured that this is normal and only temporary. After you have your braces placed, any discomfort should subside within five days. You can use things like wax, over-the-counter pain relievers and warm salt-water rinses to help alleviate your soreness. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that you might have.

Loosening of Teeth

Do you feel like your teeth are getting loose? Don’t worry! That’s completely normal as it’s necessary for your teeth to be able to move. Your teeth will soon settle in their new positions.

Eating with Braces

When eating with braces, especially after the first few days after the braces are placed, we recommend you eat only soft foods. You’ll still be able to enjoy many of your favorite foods throughout your treatment, but be cautious and try to avoid eating hard, crunchy and chewy foods that could damage your braces and thus, prolong your treatment

Foods to Avoid

Use common sense when eating with braces. Foods that are hard, sticky or high in sugar should be avoided as they can damage or break the wires and brackets. Habits such as nail biting and pen chewing should also be avoided. Here are some examples of foods to avoid while in braces:

Examples of Sticky Foods to Avoid:

Gum (sugar-free or regular)
Sugar Daddies
Tootsie Rolls

Examples of Hard Foods to Avoid:

Hard taco shells
French bread crust/rolls
Corn on the cob
Apples and carrots (unless cut into small pieces)
Jolly Ranchers
Pizza crust
Uncooked carrots (unless cut)

Minimize Sugary Foods like:

Ice Cream

Only Once a Day:

Sweetened tea
Drinks with sugar

Oral Hygiene

It is important to maintain a proper oral hygiene regimen, especially while in braces. Braces tend to make it harder to brush and floss properly, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Keep your teeth and gums healthy by brushing your teeth at least two times a day and flossing once every day. If we notice you are having a hard time keeping your teeth clean, we may recommend you visiting your dentist more often. We also recommend that adult patients with a history of periodontal disease visit their periodontist during your orthodontic treatment.

Playing Sports & Instruments

Don’t worry about playing instruments or sports with your braces. Just be careful! We recommend you wear a mouthguard when participating in any sporting activity. With playing instruments, it just may take you a little while to adjust to playing while wearing braces.

Loose Braces

Don’t be worried if a wire or band comes loose. It’s just something that happens sometimes. If a loose or protruding wire is causing discomfort, use the end of a pencil or the back of a spoon to carefully put it under the archwire. You can also use wax or wet cotton to help eliminate any discomfort. Contact us to schedule a repair appointment as soon as possible.

If a piece of your appliance comes off, save it and bring it with you to your repair appointment. If we notice a trend of loose brackets during your treatment, you may need to play closer attention to your diet or activities you are participating in.

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